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Bringing a New Dimension in 

Do you believe you need to see your network to defend it?

We do!

Schedule a demo today to see how Streaming Defense is bringing visibility to the Cybersecurity industry.

Lack of attack visibility leaves organizations with blind spots and vulnerabilities to compromise

Growing Frustration of cybersecurity defense teams leading to errors and high staff burnout – As an industry we are already under resourced​

Latency in identifying, containing and responding to attacks (Dwell time)

See It

For the first time, organisations have full and immediate network visibility – See the attack

Record It

Significantly improved and automated user experience (UX/AX) results in faster and more robust productivity – Ticket the attack

Stop It

Kill switch allows immediate termination of confirmed attacks – Stop it before it propagates.

Cross Team Collaboration

Our one-click ticketing instantly equips your team with vital threat details, streamlining response and collaboration. 

Enhancing the XDR* Market While Blending AdTech & AI with Cybersecurity​​

Tested & Proven in Nation State CNI Defense

Unmatched Security Assurance: Our solution, proven in nation-state critical national infrastructure (CNI) defense, offers enterprise clients unparalleled security backed by rigorous real-world testing.​

Trusted Reliability: With a proven track record in nation-state CNI defense, our solution provides enterprise clients with a trusted and reliable cybersecurity solution, ensuring peace of mind and effective protection against cyber threats.​

Tailored Protection: Leveraging our expertise in nation-state CNI defense, we offer tailored cybersecurity solutions that address the unique needs of enterprise clients, providing customized protection against evolving threats.

What Are Customers Say About Streaming Defense

Eamonn Keane, Systal Technology Solutions

"The Streaming Defense Platform has greatly enhanced our threat detection, alert triage and remediation by detecting and streaming threat data graphically displaying incoming threats at the network boundary. The platform has strengthened our SOC analyst's capability to detect, validate, respond and remediate threats with greater expediency. The positioning of the Streaming Defense platform on the public side of the network has enabled greater vision of cyber threats with geopolitical intelligence with real-time visibility to our organization and external customers, a feature often not available with other similar products. Additionally, the capability to expediently interdict and stop the attack at the endpoint affected is an excellent feature. The platform is an excellent addition to the threat intel toolset to your organization in applying the Defense-In-Depth approach to detecting, identifying and remediating malicious attacks on any network and with enhanced asset discovery and risk mitigation. I would recommend its adoption and implementation to any organization to strengthen their cyber intel capability and defense. "

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Are you ready to take the blindfold off?

In the complex world of cybersecurity, visibility is power. Our AI-enhanced system not only allows you to detect and stop attacks instantly but also adapts to all environments, ensuring continuous protection. Recognized by Gartner for innovation, we're setting new standards in cybersecurity, keeping your operations secure and ahead of threats.


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